Listen To Examples Of My Work

The Tricycle Theatre's production of Broken Glass by Arthur Miller was directed by Iqbal Khan. It's a good example of my collaborative work as sound designer, creating soundscapes alongside a composer.

Here are five sample cues. The music is by Grant Olding, and the cellist is Laura Moody

New Perspectives Theatre Company produced an audio version of Brendan Murray's The Falling Sky in 2010. Audience members in rural communities borrow an iPod, and listen to the play as they follow a walking route through their village. I was both recording engineer and sound designer.

This is the end of part 3: Winter

This is the end of the final part: Spring

You can buy the whole play on iTunes by clicking here

I created the audio for this trailer for the Not Black & White season of plays at The Tricycle (visual content by Plastik Theatre & Digital Arts).

Moving Theatre produced two bi-lingual radio plays in 2007/8, A La Villa Bab Azoun by Kit Hesketh-Harvey and The Way Of All Women by John Fletcher. I was both recording engineer and sound designer.

This is an excerpt from A La Villa Bab Azoun

Please remember that the excerpts will sound much better on headphones or hi-fi speakers than on your computer's speakers.

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