About Me

Theatre Sound Designer

Since 1989, I have designed sound for over 200 theatre productions, including more than 20 in the West End, working with a variety of major producers and producing theatres. I've been lucky enough to collaborate with some of the UK's foremost theatre practitioners.

I'm equally at home working on amplification for a musical or a soundscape for a play, and a lot of my designs combine elements of both.

I take a pragmatic and collaborative approach to sound design. Working closely with the director, the actors and the rest of the creative team to evolve a design that is seamlessly integrated with the rest of the production has become a cornerstone of my approach.

My musical theatre designs are informed both by a detailed understanding of technical sound and by the instincts of a musician.

I have a lot of experience in creating sound effects and soundscapes for plays, sometimes working alongside a composer, on other occasions also creating or choosing the music. I tend to spend quite a lot of time in the rehearsal room experimenting with sounds - but I can also work quickly when necessary!

I am very used to designing well-integrated sound systems that balance technical, artistic, practical and financial requirements.

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